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Longrich Classy Style Energy Pan
Rp 8,400,000

Benefit :

Classy Style Energy Pot Merupakan alat masak untuk mengolah makanan dengan hasil yang sehat, enak dan gizi tetap terjaga, diciptakan oleh Longliqi Biotechnology Corporation Pte Ltd , Jiangshu berdasarkan teknologi canggih yang sudah dipatenkan di 17 negara , dan Patent Pending dilebih dari 50 negara termasuk Amerika serikat , Eropa , Jepang, Rusia , Kanada dan Australia.

You can make delicious food with the pot without even using seasonings. When cooking fish and other meats, the pot doesn’t produce unpleasant and fishy smell.

Long hours of cooking soups or soup based recipe does not deplete the water level.

How to use:
Put the classy style energy pot on a stove and add some water into the pot. The order of putting in the ingredients doesn’t matter neither dies the degree of the heat. Always close the lid except when taking the food out. When the food is cooked, dip it in seasonings and you can enjoy its most original taste. You can also put in your favorite seasonings and it still works the same. The pot is suitable for use on electromagnetic stove, hot stove, electric stove and gas stove. However, it works best with an electromagnetic stove.

The technology has obtained patentship in 17 countries, including China, the United States and Russia, the only “Human Green Medicine Award” was also presented by the world organization of Natural Medicine to this energy pot.

Contains EMP that is similar to hair protein composition, Innovative platelet ZPT anti dandruff factor and natural mint extract.

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